Grand Weeks Members Recommend The Excited Tourists To Enjoy A NASA Tour in Johnson Space Centre, Houston

Grand Weeks members know that nature based tourism is all about promoting both habitat conservation and sustainable development. Understanding the importance of sustainable tourism, the management staff of the parks in Texas like the Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge, have created wildlife-viewing trails that offers visitors multiple trails featuring Bird Watching experiences of the migrating Water Fowl and Sand Hill Cranes. Texas, known for its unique personality and massive size boasts of a variety of cultures like the Southern Dixie lifestyle in its east, technological corridors around Houston and the Big Oil culture in its west.

Grand Weeks members say that Texas is a melting pot, which features tremendous array of cultures that stem from its diverse geography and colorful history. Tourists love to spend a day admiring the history of space exploration, space shuttle replicas and enjoy interactive fun at the Johnson Space Centre, Texas. The visitors also get the chance to see NASA at work and enjoy a tour of the current Mission Control Centre from its Observation catwalk. The tourists can even take a Space walk in the Space Environment Stimulation Lab, where astronauts train for the upcoming missions.

Grand Weeks members recommends tourist to enjoy Kayaking and canoeing along the Brazen River and enjoy the view of Palo Pinto Mountain. Moreover, if they are interested in spending a day at its pristine beaches they can head for Padre Island National Seashore. The unique thing about this national park is that it features a wide range of environments and eco systems and gives the tourist the chance to enjoy and learn about its beautiful landscape.

Grand Weeks members say that that San Antonio River walk features sheltered walkways and bridges that criss-cross over the San Antonio River, flaked by shops, restaurants and art galleries filled with relaxing outdoor patios and lovely landscapes. Historic sites, museums and cultural attractions can also be enjoyed in Downtown Area of Houston. All these beautiful and fun attractions keeps the tourists busy in Houston.

Grand Weeks members know the perfect way to design your travel plans so that you enjoy a holiday experience like never before.

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